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Since 1989, EcoChem, LLC, has been a strong leader in providing vegetation, pest, and aquatic management services for the southeast; with focus on the commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, governmental, and private markets.  As a professional certified and insured application company; with over 20 years experience, our process and services have the availability to control all species of vegetation, in turf management, tank farms, communication installations, rights-of-way, airports,  timber tracts, pipelines, plant sites, ditches, storm/ agricultural canals and ponds, lift stations, rail system and yards, power substations, graveled storage/ lay down yards.  
EcoChem, LLC has several divisions in order to meet the industry and residential vegetation, pest, control needs while maintaining a balance with protecting the environment and human health.

 As our motto states, we are committed to…

Environmentally Friendly Pest & Vegetation solutions.


ECO - Environmental Compliance Division

EcoChem is a company that has been a leader in vegetation management for over 20+ years and understands the ever more demand for additional environmental compliance services. The market for environmental compliance  services has been long standing, but with the never ending change of environmental regulations our onboard environmental specialist are here to assist with ensuring your  Storm Water Facilities Maintenance is complaint.  We can tailor a specialized service plan that will ensure you remain complaint.


Storm Water Facilities Management


We have an integral working relationship with the governing agencies of Storm Water Management. 

Stormwater management entails several areas, These areas include permitting, proper maintenance, to include vegetation control, public safety, water quality, aesthetics and downstream effects, water Quality sampling, discharge structural integrity   . ECO – ECD division can assist you with evaluating each of these areas and customize a storm water plan to meet each customer’s specific needs.  Also, we provide the necessary inspections to ensure compliance of these critical areas. Customers will be given a detailed inspection report identifying any necessary repairs which may be non-compliant with governing agencies.

We provide:

·         Technical assistance with Permitting process

·         Technical assistance to designers on storm water pollution control implementation.

·         Assistance to designers to assure compliance

·         Guidance and training for the implementation of appropriate Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs).

·         Quarterly and annually Inspections


Markets we serve:

·         Industrial

·         Property Management

·         Distribution centers

·         Transportation facilities

·         State & Federal Government

·         Home owners associations (HOA’s)


Blending Process:

Our blending process is performed through a Closed Loop blending System, which allows protection for our employees and insures accuracy with label rates for the herbicides prescribed.  Over applying herbicides and pesticides can be harmful to humans, pets and the environment, not to mention its illegal!

When you choose the services of EcoChem, you can always rest assured you are getting Knowledgeable, trained professional service in each area of our business. You will always find our staff to be courteous and helpful, while we focus on providing you that knowledgeable and professional service you are seeking with a backed guarantee.


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