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Like many things that benefit us, too much algae can prove

a drawback. Taste and odor problems in drinking water

and sometimes even fish kills are associated with excessive

blooms of planktonic algae. Filamentous algae and macrophytic algae often form dense growths that make fishing, swimming and other recreational uses nearly impossible. Total coverage can restrict sunlight penetration and limit the production of oxygen and food items necessary for good fish growth. Sometimes certain types of algae called blue-green algae or cyanobacteria can produce toxins that can cause illness in humans and even death in animals. When algae abundance interferes with the intended use of the pond, lake or any contained body of water, a control method should be considered.


Here at EcoChem, we have proven methods of controlling all types algae that are both mechanical and chemical based solutions. Our remedies are very effective in keeping destructive algae growth at bay, while being very safe for the environment.  Call us today for a complete evaluation and consultation of your particular algae control solution.

Image a dead fish resulting from algae overgrothImage of algae infestationImage of algae infestation

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