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John K. Kinsey 


Born and raised in South Carolina, John is a 1988 graduate from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture.

In 1989, John founded EcoChem, LLC, in Sumter South Carolina and has been steering the growth and success of the company every since.  He has pioneered and patented new innovative processes in the field of Vegetative Management, which also includes the related fields of pest control and mosquito control.

In 2016, John further expanded the capabilities of EcoChem, LLC, by acquiring Aquatic Weed Harvesting Equipment. This gives EcoChem the ability to control destructive aquatic vegetative growth at the highest level, by removing such vegetation with a very effective mechanical process.  

Johns favorite attributes of working for EcoChem, LLC, is the outdoors environment.  He very much enjoys working with customers in providing a unique specialty service, as well as helping to preserve our surrounding environment.

John is very excited to have his eldest Son, Britton, join EcoChem, LLC's management team, after graduating from Clemson University in 2015, having obtained a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Business with a minor in Turf-grass Management. He also has studies in Natural Resources Management through CCTC. Together, they make a powerful team, combining many years of experience, with greater perspective and new vision.

John and his wife now make their residence in Chapin SC. He has two sons, and two step-sons.

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